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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More and more bigotry and abuse

My god, these just keep coming. I just posted about a murder yesterday. Before that, one case of attempted murder, and three different cases of suicide. Now we’re hearing about a mother who strangled her pregnant daughter with a wire hanger.

A 19-year-old man is facing a felony incest charge after police were dispatched to a Scottsbluff home in reference to a domestic disturbance that had occurred. Yonathan J. Lara-Robles of Scottsbluff was arrested Monday night on a charge of incest.
Court documents say an officer was dispatched to a home after a woman said her mother strangled her with a wire hanger. Further investigation revealed that her mother was furious after finding out that the daughter was pregnant with her biological half-brother’s baby.
It says several months ago, the siblings decided to experiment sexually together and she got pregnant. She says that he is the only individual she has had sex with.
Yonathan went to the police station to be interviewed, and said that he and his half-sister had sex five total times between January and May, 2014. Incest is a Class III Felony in Nebraska, and carries a prison sentence ranging from 1 to 20 years.
Unfortunately, our society is frequently more concerned with conforming to public “standards” than with what’s actually good for people. They deviated from “approved behavior”. Therefore, they are being punished. It doesn’t matter if this ruins both of their lives. In the minds of many humans, “abnormality” is itself a crime worthy of punishment.

This is the kind of stuff I spend my time reading through. Luckily, the closet for consanguinamory is massive, so most couples manage to "get away with it". However, I know of one couple right now whose family are using CPS to take away their children. There are couples in Africa who are fleeing for their lives as their communities send bounty hunters after them. (And FYI, in this case and all the ones I linked to throughout this whole post chain, except for maybe two, the people involved are PoC. People don't realize how much it happens among non-White people.)

This has been the status quo in most societies for most of human history, to one degree or another.

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