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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bigotry kills, again and again

This is another sad case of stigma and heartbreak leading to suicide. This one is mentioned in one of Full Marriage Equality's case studies. People so rarely talk about such tragedies, that much of what we know comes from secondary sources.
My [twin] sister and I have always been together since the moment we were conceived. I could never feel this love for someone I haven't known my entire life. We know everything about each other.
The way I ultimately decided to be with her was when a girl told me about her twin, Jesse, who had committed suicide when their relationship was discovered and they were forced to separate. I realized how similar she sounded and knew one thing for certain. Nothing should stop true love. People are born into families not of their own will, and just because someone was born with them shouldn't mean they can't love each other.
I want them to open their eyes and mind. If they would just for a moment think logically, they would see my side. I have asked people what's wrong with our relationship, but all they say is that it's wrong or disgusting without giving any reasons. Something they seem to forget is that stopping true love is also morally wrong. I believe they're the kind of people that people in the future will look back on the same way they look at people who were against interracial marriage.

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