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Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Incest siblings spared jail"

Some relief coming out of Zimbabwe, a place in the news frequently for prosecuting consanguinamorous couples.
A Harare magistrate has sentenced Dzivarasekwa siblings who engaged in a sexual affair and bore a child to an 18-month wholly suspended prison sentence. Magistrate Aidonia Masawi sentenced Ashley Feremenga,19, and Robson Feremenga, 21, to 18 months imprisonment before suspending nine months on condition of good behaviour. A further nine months were set aside on condition the two perform 630 hours of community service.
Ashley and Robson, who are brother and sister, were convicted for having sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree or relationship. Masawi considered that accused persons were “first time offenders who should be given a chance to reflect on their wrong doings.”
In aggravation, prosecutor Liberty Gono urged the courts to pass a stiff sentence. “This is an unnatural offence of which accused persons were convicted both morally and culturally,” he said. “They were fully aware of their wrong doings and indeed stayed as husband and wife, and have a two-year-old daughter and eight months pregnancy. The court must pass a sentence showing clearly that their action was unlawful.”
Gono proved that Ashley and Robson, who both reside at 6023 Dzivarasekwa Extension in Harare, fell in love sometime in 2010. The two had sexual intercourse on several occasions and had a child together. The siblings continued indulging in sexual intercourse resulting in Ashley carrying her brother’s second pregnancy. The offence came to light when their father Jonasi Feremenga was advised of Ashley and Robson’s relationship and reported the matter to the police.

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