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Friday, January 23, 2015

"I'm probably the product of brother/sister incest"

A Reddit AMA:
When I was 15 my mom got really drunk and confessed to me that her [twin] brother was the real father of me and my siblings. I use the word "probably" because I never got a DNA test done. But I think me and my siblings look more like my mom's brother than her husband, so I don't think she was lying.
[...] She was laying down on the sofa. When I came down the stair case to get a glass of water she called me over and told me how glad she was that I wasn't her husband's child. When I asked her what she was talking about she told me her brother was my real dad, and he was also the dad of my siblings.
[...] Told my sister about it. Her reaction was basically the same as mine. Neither of us are really that close to my mom's husband. I didn't tell my brother, I think he's too young to know.
[...] I mean for the first few weeks after I found out it was all I could think about. I got over it rather quickly though. I think that's because I never really had a close relationship with my mom's husband. So, while it was a shocking revelation, it didn't [...] make me question my identity
[...] I just never knew how to bring this conversation up [with my mom]. During that month after I think everyone noticed there was something off about me. My mom said she didn't know what was causing me to act so strangely, so she was either too drunk to remember telling me, or she's pretending she never told me.
  • [...] Has this changed your perception of your mother?
Not really
  • [...] Are you a little slow?
  • [...] Any other anomalies in your life?
[...] Nothing
  • [...] [From] Canada eh? Not from MB are you?
Ewww. Thankfully not. [...] [Y]ou guys have the Blue Bombers, that's pretty gross.
  • I have distant cousins who found out they are all the products of a sibling relationship.
And other people know about it? Incest is pretty illegal here in Canada. The reason why I never want anyone else to know about my mom and her brother is because I don't want them to go to jail.
  • [...] Do you consider [your mom's husband] your father?
No. He's probably not my biological dad, and he was never really around to raise us. My mom's brother was always there for us though so I consider him to be my father. My mom's husband is just sort of.. well my mom's husband. [...] [My mom's husband] probably has no idea. If he knew he would have left my mom by now. [...] My mom might divorce him when my little brother is old enough.
From other threads:
  • your uncle and mother are...just...happier together?
Yeah, they probably are. I have the feeling that my mom really hates her husband. Whenever she's around her brother she's always laughing and smiling.
[...] I'm 100% sure it was consensual incest, not rape. My mom talks to her brother a lot, and she always visits him. My dad is always away, so sometimes my mom will bring us to her brother's house and we'll sleep over. Me and my siblings even have our own rooms at his house.
[...] If I were to show you a picture of me right now and a picture of my uncle when he was 16 you'd think they're the same person.
  • [...] You seems so cold toward your mothers husband.
Yeah, I don't exactly like him. "Cat's in the Cradle" could be his theme song. Missed birthday parties, missed sporting events, forgetting to pick us up from school, never being around, sleeping in his office, always spelling my name wrong (and I have a common name too). Then when he has a day off he'd rather drink with his friends. He's like a stranger to me.
[...] The good thing about my uncle being my real dad is I'm no longer fucking obsessed with trying to win my mom's husband's affection. It's like this huge fucking burden got lifted from my shoulders. For most of my life I'd always drive myself to be as perfect as I possible could in some vain attempt to get my mom's husband to be around us more. Now that I don't need to do that I'm happier than I've ever been before. For a long time I thought the reason why he was never around was somehow my fault, but now I realize that I have nothing to do with it.
And now that I've had a chance to sleep a bit on it (going back to bed after this though), I don't even know if I want to confront my mom about this or do a DNA test anymore. I think finding out that my mom's husband is my real father would be a huge blow to me.
[...] If anything finding out my mom's brother is my real dad has caused me to be the happiest I've ever been in a long time.
[...] I think if I started to call him "dad" then I might slip up one time and reveal their secret.
[...] [H]e knows that I'm thankful for his presence, I've told him that many times. It's just that I think giving him a father's day card would be a bit too awkward.
  • [There's proof they had sex] at least three times (I think I read there's three kids)?
Just twice actually. My sister and I are twins
  • Are they (your mom and uncle) uneducated?
Both of them have degrees
  • Is anyone on medication?
  • Are they of sound mind?
  • Is your family the entirety of your uncle's life or does he have his own life with his own girlfriends and social circle too?
He has "girlfriends", they're never around for that long and he never married.
  • what if it wasn't true?
I think I'd be somewhat sad actually. I bond a lot more with my uncle than I do with my mom's husband. He's more of a father to me than my mom's husband ever was
  • [...] Are you worried about yours and your siblings' health?
Yeah I am. Thankfully it doesn't seem we haven't gotten any bad side effects from this. That's not to say something won't pop up down the road, and that does worry me.
  • [...] Go to the police!!
... why?
This user gets it:
It's frowned upon socially, even by those who tout equality for gay marriage and such. In fact, I've heard someone speak of incest with disgust and mentioning that those who participate should die in the same sentence that gay marriage should be legalized.

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