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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Powerful Do As They Please While the Powerless Conform

One of the previous paramount chiefs, Purayasi, was known to have lived with his sister; and another one, Numakala, is also strongly suspected by history of this felony. [...] [T]here can be no doubt that with them, as with so many other dynasties and famous rulers, the feeling of power, of being above the law, served as a shield from the usual penalties. And, as historical figures, they and their doing would not so easily lapse into oblivion as in the case of commoners.
 - Bronislaw Malinowski

Once again, we see that historically only the powerful were allowed to be in the kinds of relationships they wanted. The common person remained under the thumb of laws and social strictures. The same was true for same-sex marriages in the Roman Empire, where the few cases known are of powerful men (e.g. Emperor Nero). Throughout history, it is only the powerful who live free, only the powerful who receive justice. Why should that continue?

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