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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Loving Couple Denied Their Freedom to Marry

We have both been married but neither marriage lasted too long. While being married, we talked daily and honestly tried to help each other work out whatever problems were had with the spouse.
The brother is pansexual: "I can find attraction, both sexually and just from a beauty aspect in just about anything." The sister, however, is somewhat bisexual: "I've never been with a woman and would love the chance to do so, at least once."
Yes we are [biological siblings]. Given how close we are in age, we know where our high sex drive comes from [laughs].
[...] No, we do wish we could have children together but [my sister] lost a baby (late term miscarriage) in her marriage and it did a lot of damage both physically and emotionally. Jamie is currently unable to have any children.
[...] We had pretty normal relationship growing up. We were quite close and really had a great friendship with each other. We were inseparable. Normal except for our explorations of each other [laughs]. [...] It was very gradual from an early age. We shared a bedroom and bathed together every night. [My brother] definitely made the first move while we were bathing. [...] It felt safe. There were feelings that I can only describe now as it was comfortable, natural and very safe feeling. Like I was complete.
[...] I would definitely say [that our lovemaking is] a natural thing. It wasn't until early teen years we really became aware it's taboo, but for me it just always felt right. You hear everyone talking about finding the "one", I can't help it that I did and she just happens to be one my sisters. I still find it strange that so many have the incest fantasy/fetish. We fantasize about being a "normal" couple. I am aware that the nature of our relationship does make it kinky to most, though I don't see it that way. We do have a kinky side and do other things that would also put our lovemaking in a kinky context, but though those nights aren't an everyday thing. We cuddle, we are very affectionate, and I think we make our friends sick with the amount of love we have - these friends only know us as a couple.
[...] Our relationship now is a very healthy one. We argue, we kiss and make up, we have a pretty great life. We are in a closed relationship but were inspired by a Tumblr blog to let others into our lives. It's been great to see all the support some people have for us.
We have been living together for just over 6 years now following our divorces. We share a bedroom but have a spare room set up for Jamie as a "cover" for when company comes to visit. We would absolutely say the two roles of being siblings and lovers are inseparable! Here, we live one life but when we go back home, we have to assume the sibling roles.
[...] Nobody knows the true nature or the full story of our relationship. We would be disowned by our family. Our friends where we live only know us as a married couple. The easiest steps we took for our privacy was to move far away from family, where they can't just drop in at a moments notice. We are both at an age where we prefer to stay home, watch a movie, and hang out than go out to the bar or other social settings. [...] 
The hardest part is how we talk to each other. Little pet names are the hardest but everything else has been pretty easy. The advantage to it is how well we know each other.
[...] [A]s long as there is no abuse no forced situation, and both parties are able to understand what is going on, then [there is] absolutely [nothing wrong with it].
[...] We do have our Tumblr page and the amount of support we have received has been amazing!

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