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Friday, January 23, 2015

Banking on Love

From Full Marriage Equality:
I am a 28 year old banker, living in Canada, originally from India. My looks are average and so is the built. I have only one younger sister who is two years younger than me, who is now my wife. She is extraordinarily good-looking.
[...] I have legally married my sister, but have used some forged documents to show that she is not related to me by any means. We were married in a court. [...] I live with my sister, who is now my wife. Our parents are dead. We have twins. [...] They are amazing, good looking and quite intelligent too. They are healthy as well.
[...] We had a very friendly relationship as children. We grew up together in a nuclear family. In our culture, people generally don't get separated from [their] parents until death. I must also admit that the trend nowadays is changing but only in metropolitan areas. We were never apart during childhood, but in youth yes, as I had to relocate to other cities for professional reasons between 2007 and 2010. But I kept visiting my hometown every two to three weeks or about once or twice a month. We are together since then and married since 2012.
Our childhood was quite tragic as our parents always fought for no reason. That was the reason that we had decided to ourselves the we are not going to marry but had not shared it with each other. As we grew up, the fights of our parents also kept increasing. This made us discuss, one day, about life. That was the time when we confessed to each other that we're not going to marry, and if we were to marry, we were not going to fight with the spouse in front of children. This was what we both thought, and this made us start liking each other. We were both teenagers then.
[...] I noticed an attraction for my sister when I was 16 and she was 14. She used to come back from school around 6 p.m. everyday and used to change clothes and remain only on slip, which was short enough for me to get aroused. As she was only 14 then, she didn't wear a bra, but she was starting to develop breasts. [...] [Our affection] started [with] kissing each other on lips, cheeks, neck etc. However, we started having sex only after we were both above 20.
[...] She is an ideal girlfriend I could have had. Our marriage is a successful one and we are loving it. I have had sex with other women, too, when I was sent on an official assignment by my company to Australia. But I can be sure that my sister is completely faithful and I would rather like to say that she is my best sex partner and no one can replace her. [...] It could have been only her and no one else for me. We do not have any affairs or lovers in our lives except for each other.
[...] We had to be very discreet when we left India and had to be very careful to not to share our truth with our children, too.
[...] We want to lead a happy and successful life, like the one we are leading now. We want to keep meeting in the next lives too.

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