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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Young Adult Love in Hiding

From Full Marriage Equality:
I'm a female college student living in the southern US. I'm a single college student with one brother, with whom I'm involved. I live with a female roommate. [...]  [My brother and I] were always close, and most affectionate. We never went through any serious sibling rivalry and were always like friends to each other.
[...] It just sort of happened [laughs]. Sounds lame but it's true. We had always been affectionate in an innocent way and I think we always had a hidden curiosity about moving it forward, but never did. We were chilling at home on the couch and we both had a little bit to drink, but were not drunk. I think we just got really comfortable with each other and lost sight of how far things were going. It's kind of blurry where the line got crossed. At one point we were curled up together on the couch, which we'd done before and it's been totally innocent. Our heads had been leaning together and we both turned at almost the same moment. I can't remember who kissed who first but it happened. There was no intercourse, but things were a bit awkward for the next few days.
[...] It was confusing. It took a while to register what was happening, and when it did I found I was so turned on I didn't want to stop, but I knew I should have. I was a bit conflicted, but we couldn't pull away.
[...] [Our relationship's n]ot really kinky, but there is the "taboo" aspect that sometimes turns us on, but as time goes on that "taboo" has faded and it feels normal.
[...] Its been a couple years, and it's hard to say. We know we cant openly be in a relationship and we don't want to hurt our family. I guess you could say siblings with benefits, but then our relationship has presented problems when seeing other people so its a bit unclear. [...] I have one friend who knows and shes understanding but even then I'm paranoid about her knowing. [...] The hiding and lack of acceptance is the hardest thing. I think we have a closer emotional bond than unrelated lovers have.
[...] [It's] hard to say [if we'd ever get married], I'd like to say yes, but even then marriage is a huge step regardless of the type of relationship
[...] If this helps anyone, I am very glad!

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