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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Texas Couple Denied Marriage Equality Under the Law

From Full Marriage Equality:
I'm 35, the mother of one son. I work in real estate. I currently live with my son. I became pregnant at the age of 15. After my son was born, his father decided to leave and hasn't been a part of either of our lives since.
[...] [We had a standard mother/son relationship. We were always very open with each other and we talked about everything together.] However, I was probably a little overprotective being a young single mom. I was always very open about sex and sexuality with my son during his teenage years to make sure if he did have sex he would be careful and use protection.
[...] Well, it was a sudden thing for sure. It started after I walked in on Jake masturbating to pictures of me in my bikini. I was shocked to say the least. However, at the same time I was flattered that a hot young guy was into me. I let us both cool down for a while, then I had a talk with him. While I was figuring out what to say, I couldn't stop thinking about Jake and how handsome he had become.
I went back into his room and sat down on his bed and told him we needed to talk about what he was doing. He told me he was sorry, but that he couldn't help it and admitted he had been thinking about me, spying on me and masturbating to me for years. He even admitted that he would always think about me whenever he was having sex with his girlfriend. I was so overwhelmed by what was happening that I don't exactly know what came over me, but I just grabbed him and started kissing him; not as a mother but as a lover. We started making out heavily with him on top.
[...] The feeling was so intense, knowing what we were doing was so "taboo" and that there was no going back. When we made eye contact, the feeling was one I had never felt with any other lover before. [...] It took us both a while to recover. When he did he looked at me and just kissed me. We kissed for a while and were together in each other’s arms asleep the rest of the night.
[...] I never thought about incestual relationships, much less actually being in one myself, nor have I ever been in one other than with Jake. We had never heard of other mom/son couplings prior to our relationship, but afterward we have made contact with four other couplings: three mom/son, and one mom/aunt/son through the internet, and have met and still frequently meeting up in real life.
[...] The sex itself is still somewhat taboo due to the fact we must keep it secret in order to continue our relationship without punishment from the law. Our relationship is essentially that of a married couple (except legally married of course,) but also that of a mother/son relationship. It's somewhat of a strange balance, yet it works well and honestly our relationship has never been better or closer.
[...] As I mentioned earlier, we have met four other incestual couplings both online and then in real life. They know our full, true history and our current situation and have no judgements. Also one other friend, my friend "Jane" and her son, Jake's friend "Steve" (whom we frequently tease and suggest they hook up) also know. They have all accepted what we are and how we feel fully with support and no judgements.
[...] Thankfully, we both have an outlet via our friends to be open and honest about our relationship. Without that I think we would have both gone insane from the secrecy. However, there is still the disadvantage of not being able to be publicly open like almost every other couple is allowed. Right now we can openly be mother and son but not spouses which means in public we have to lie to others about who we are truly. As far as advantages go, I know for a fact that I love my son and that he loves me, not just as lovers but something deeper that is a love stronger and with deeper bonds than non-consanguineous relations.
[...] Honestly, I don't care what anyone else thinks, we are happy and that is all that truly matters. As far as "preying" goes, we have both had discussions after our initial sexual encounter about what we wanted from our relationship and both decided that we could break up if either felt uncomfortable. Today we are essentially married emotionally, spiritually, sexually, etc. every way except legally.
[...] [FME: Jake wrote to me recently to say "Hope all is going well. I am just writing you to update you, and to let you know that my mother is pregnant."]

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