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Friday, January 23, 2015

Reunited But Denied Equality Under the Law

From Full Marriage Equality:
[My father had visitation rights for about a year and a half until my mother decided that two different households were confusing me. I was about 6 years old then. We didn’t see each other for 11 years. Then my father decided to finally contact me.] [...] [T]hat is the story my mother went with but she didn’t realize she was giving me abandonment issues, because as I grew up she told me something completely different. She said he didn’t want me anymore, but after 11 years of her lying I was finally old enough and when he contacted me I decided to take matters into my own hands and found out that she had been filling my head with lies for eleven years.
[...] He came to see me about a week after contacting me. We were so similar it was crazy. And I had no idea what Genetic Sexual Attraction was or that about two weeks after seeing him again I would be experiencing it.
[...] [We don't have any kids] but we both want [them]. We even have names picked out and everything.
[...] We spent the entire two weeks doing nothing but hanging out and absorbing each other’s time. We both noticed at the end of the two weeks we were having strange feelings for each other. It was so spontaneous. We were wrestling and I bit him and he bit me back, and then it dawned on both of us that it had affected it us in a very unusual way. It was like one of the movie magic moments where they both lean in for a kiss and fireworks go off in the background. [...] I knew I was in love with my father, falling more and more in love with him every day.
[...] I had experimented with my female second cousin when I was young so I thought nothing of it.
[...] [H]e is my life partner and I don’t need anyone else.
[...] Ever since the relationship bloomed he has asked me time after time, "Are sure this is what you want?" It took me almost six months to finally convince him I am completely and utterly in love with him.
[...] [Our marriage is] just going to be our own matter because he is on my birth certificate. So just a private wedding with someone to do the vows ceremony with us.

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