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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Couple Denied the Freedom to Marry

From Full Marriage Equality:
I'm in my early twenties, live in the UK, and have no children. [...] [My lover] is my half-brother. [...] [We are b]oyfriend and girlfriend, but also best friends. [...] We did not grow up together. We only met a few years ago. Now we live with our father.
[...] I was attracted to him from the moment we met. It was a mixture of lust and curiosity. I was very surprised, confused and ashamed of these feelings. [...] [Having sex is] just a natural way of showing our love. [...] A few close friends know, and they accept it. We sat them down and explained the situation to them in full and that seemed to help.
[...] The first time was spontaneous. We were watching the TV, cuddling, and then one thing lead to another. Prior to that, we had indulged in foreplay and oral sex. My brother started that. At the very start, it was touching using being drunk as an excuse (not that it was ever questioned.) Then I visited him in his home city when we lived apart, and decided that we'd share a hotel room and a double bed which lead to foreplay, but nothing more as I was wary of pushing the situation too soon. It was only when he lived here that things turned sexual because I couldn't hold back anymore. [...] We'd both waited so long that we couldn't resist any longer.
[...] I think [when you're siblings] you're less likely to take each other for granted and therefore the relationship is better for it. The disadvantage is, of course, having to sneak around and not be totally yourselves unless you're away from home.
[...] [Critics should m]ind [their] own business. It's completely consensual and the world would be a happier place if everyone learned to accept and love a little more. [...] We have discussed [getting married] and yes we would. [...] [We plant to e]xplore the world together and move in together by ourselves. [...] Live your life. Don't care what anyone else thinks. So long as you're not harming anyone, go for it!

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