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Saturday, January 24, 2015

They're Everywhere, And They're Being Arrested

This is what came up from the first few pages of a Google search for "incest couple Zimbabwe," and they're all just from the past few years.
  1. [A] Domboshava man and his biological mother are reportedly on the run after having an incestuous relationship that culminated in two pregnancies.
  2. Serenje incest couple arrested
  3. Harare Man (21) Marries Blood Sister (19) and Impregnates Her Twice
  4. Gokwe man impregnates, marries sister
  5. Mother, 40, is expecting a baby with her fiancé son
  6. Mbare brother and sister jailed one year over incestuous love affair
  7. Mother catches son and daughter having sex
  8. Incest couple appear for mention
  9. Woman admits to becoming pregnant by her brother after being threatened with a machete

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