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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Case of Genetic Sexual Attraction

From Full Marriage Equality's comments section:
A few years a go, my half sister found me on facebook, We were both in our early to mid twenties, this came about a year after our father had passed away, he was barely in my life, and non existent in hers, there was a spark the moment we met, we had many sleep overs, we would cuddle and give eachother little peck kisses on the head and cheeks, we talked every single day, we both felt torn apart whenever we were away from eachother, to me, she was the most beautiful person in the world standing before my eyes, and ditto for her, at the time I was single and just didn't care for relationships, sometimes felt I only ever entered into them because they were made out to be oh so great, she was with a man who just wasn't very nice to be polite about him, she would hide it and make out he was the world to her, I saw through her words every time, it was like we had the kind of bond where I could sense what she was thinking and how she was feeling, she sensed the same.
Months pass by and inevitably, her relationship with Mr not a very nice feller ended, I was there for her everyday, I felt the pain she was feeling, it was probably the first time I'd ever really felt such deep epathy for anybody, the very thought of her being treated badly, cheated on, called nasty names, not being the only one through someone's eyes really got me, it tore me up inside because for the first time, I had accepted someone whole, good bad, all the inbetween, I loved everything about her, this to me felt like the definition, or my definition at least, of perfect.
A few weeks passed and we were as we were, cuddled up together watching a movie, i stroked her hair and looked her in the eyes and told her, she was a beautiful person who deserves above and beyond what she's been through, she smiled with the usual sparkle in her eyes and kissed me on the lips, from there that kiss snowballed to everything else, it was the most intense, beautiful, amazing experience of my life, finally, the flood gates had opened and we could be truly open and affectionate towards eachother.
[...] Time passes by again and I asked her to be in a relationship with me, I thought long and hard about what we would be getting into and really fought myself on it, but no matter how I span it, when I tore away at any possible reason not to, nothing was worth not being with her, because being with her is where I belong, there was nobody else in the world I could ever see myself happy with, she said yes and together we began on our beautiful journey, hand in hand.
Fast forward to now, we are still just as happy if not more so than we were in the beginning, despite what society has dictated to us, we do not and will not ever feel that what we are doing is wrong, only the people important to us know about us, and that's probably the only frustration because we want the world to know of our beautiful love, some supported us, some told us we were stupid and needed to break up, we never faltered from eachothers side regardless, and because of our strong stance, people have grown to accept us.
If I could I would tell anyone going through this that as long as you are both old enough to make this decision, to be strong, what you are doing is not wrong, at times you'll have the world on your back, at times people will try to break you apart for their own selfish reasons, but stay together, be proud of what you have, this is between the 2 of you, nobody else['s oppinion] matters, I hope one day society will accept our love and we can finally be free from living in the shadows, until then, stay strong, stay together. :)

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