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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Marriage Denied Equality Under the Law

From Full Marriage Equality:
Yes, my brother is my full blood brother. He’s a year and four months younger than me, and we have no other siblings. [...] [M]y brother and I live as husband and wife, and it does include lovemaking, I see him as both my brother and lover. Those two roles are inseparable; at times he needs his sister, at other times he needs his lover and/or wife, so I fulfill both those roles in his life, just as he does the same in my life. It’s a bit hard to explain, but yes he’s my soul mate.
[...] Yes we were raised by our biological parents, and my brother and I always got along extremely well together. [...] I guess I was around 14 when I first started having sexual feelings toward my brother; I started to see him as the boy in my life as opposed to just my brother. [...] I made the first move, and it was planned on my part. I took small steps at first holding his hand, hugging and trying to kiss him. I was feeling I wanted him as more my boyfriend than my brother. [...] It did progress in stages; it wasn’t a sudden event. I guess you could say I slowly seduced him. I was falling in love with him.
[...] Yes, we are exclusive with each other. He’s been the only romantic interest in my life, but I am bi-sexual and have experiences with other girls in my life. My brother knows this about me and has no problems with it. I’ve never had any sexual feelings for anyone else in my family.
[...] I don’t see anything taboo in our relationship. The sneaking around we did when we were teenagers was a bit thrilling; also the fact that we were doing something most people would never dream of doing is a bit thrilling too, but all in all I see us as just normal.
[...] Our lawyer knows the truth. The paperwork I had to fill out to get custody of our child required me to turn over certain documents. He supports us. My brother’s workplace also knows we live together and I’m dependent on him, but they don’t know we’re a romantic couple; it’s for insurance coverage only. Yes, we can act as a couple/family in public as the people around us know us as an unwed couple only, not brother and sister. I don’t use my real name for anything.
[...] Brothers and sisters can and do fall deeply in love with each other. We’re only human and we lead normal decent lives; we’re productive members of society and just like anyone else, just trying to get by. And I’m hardly a victim. I do what I do out of love.
[...] Yes, I'd marry my brother in a heartbeat. We have exchanged our own vows with each other and in our eyes we are married to one another. [...] My plans are to live with my brother for the rest of my life and grow old together.

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