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Saturday, January 24, 2015

It Can Happen to You, Too

Many people can hold prejudice against consanguinamorous couples because they think their parents never did it, or that they'd never do it themselves. You can never be sure about either.
[...] [I]mage how Valerie Spruill felt when she discovered that her husband and her father are the same person. [...] Now retired, she worked for 34 years in the accounting department at Goodyear. She has three kids and eight grandkids.
[...] The man in question, Percy Spruill, died in April 1998 at the age of 60. Born in Mississippi, he worked in Akron as a truck driver and, later, as a parking-lot attendant at Morley Health Center. [...] He and Valerie’s mother hooked up when he was only 15. [...] Although Valerie says she is not 100 percent certain he knew, because he never talked about it, she strongly believes he was aware of the taboo he had committed but was simply afraid to tell her.
It can happen to you. If you support laws against consensual sex with a relative, then those laws might be used against you one day.

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