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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Treasured Love From Her Perspective

The other half of a beautiful relationship, from Full Marriage Equality:
[I and my half-brother] didn’t know each other growing up. I always lived with my mum and other siblings; none of them knew of my dads side of the family. My half-brother was told he couldn’t contact me and I only knew of him when someone on Facebook told me our dad, who I never knew, passed away. [...] I contacted my brother and we hit it off straight away, talking for hours online, by texts, and by phone calls. I knew there was a strong bond from the start. I always wanted a big brother and he always wanted a sister; that in itself made it even more special to us. We were over the moon to be able to talk and finally meet each other. 
[...] The first time I [saw] his photo, I thought he was very attractive and looked like a lovely, sweet, kind person. I couldn’t wait for us to talk and hopefully meet up. Just looking at his profile made me so proud to have him as a big brother. I had the feeling we would be close from the start.
We were so happy to finally talk and when we met in person, the second we looked at each other it was very emotional and overwhelming. We hugged for what seemed ages, like we never wanted to let go. There was an instant connection. I felt closer to him than I’d ever been with anyone. He held me tightly and I did the same. I’d never felt so loved and cherished up until that moment. We could tell how much we meant to each other. Our eyes lit up, our endless smiles said it all. It was an incredible feeling.
[...] One night we were watching a film on TV and I leaned into him for a cuddle. My head was on his chest, my arms wrapped around him and, he stroked my hair and told me I was beautiful. I looked up at him, we smiled at each other. I kissed him on the lips. We were always gave each other pecks continuously, nothing more up until that moment. We kept kissing and I couldn’t hold back, I didn’t want to hold back, I opened my mouth a little and he did the same. Our tongues met and we had the most passionate, loving kiss imaginable. We looked at each other with a slightly shocked yet relieved look on our faces. Knowing we both felt the same, was the best feeling in the world. I felt complete from that moment.
[...] After that kiss we spent hours cuddling, more kissing, touching, then went up to his bedroom and experienced the most amazing, breathtaking, passionate love making imaginable. We connected in every single way; it felt like we were one. I had never thought I would ever experience anything like it. It was magical, every precious second, like heaven to me. 
[...] Making love with him is the most amazing feeling in the world, physically, emotionally and spiritually. There’s so much love and passion between us. It’s an intense feeling. I think there will always be that “kinky” side to it, as we see each other as both sister/brother and girlfriend/boyfriend. Like he also says, it is like neither I nor him had ever made love before. It’s like our hearts could touch. We’re that close and inseparable.
[...] We see each other as siblings, soul mates, and partners. We are fully committed to each other. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else and he says the same too. We want and plan to live together soon, and hopefully, one day, get married. He makes me feel amazing in so many ways. I couldn’t have wished for a better person to have this unique relationship with. Our love really is, as he says too, the treasure that cannot be stolen.
[...] A few people know about us; only close family and friends. We told them. Most weren’t phased by our relationship, mainly on his side of the family. Some were and are against us being together, which unfortunately are family members on my side. Our Granddad, our dad’s dad, encouraged us to be together as he could see there was something between us. He is happy for us too. We really only act like a couple behind closed doors. We would love to be able to be this way in public. We deactivated our Facebook accounts due to people not minding their own business and spouting their unwanted opinions about our photos together. We could never tell everyone the truth about us. It’s a shame that society and the law are this way. We’re proud of the relationship we have and given the chance would tell the world if we could.
[...] Everyone has the right to be with and marry who they want to, as long as both are of age and consent. My half-brother and I are two people who adore each other in every way possible and want to live a normal, happy life like every other couple out there. We aren’t hurting anyone. We shouldn’t have to hide or be looked down upon for being in love.
[...] I do not know anyone else in-person who has a similar experience, but I have spoke online and read forums about people in our situation. Some stuck together no matter what, through whatever it took, they went through everything together and came through happy in the end, some went on to get married and have a child or children, some thought it was wrong to feel that way because of law and society, some lived their love lives in private. Everyone’s story is different, especially in consanguineous relationships.
[...] We intend to stay together no matter what. We are in love and our bond is unbreakable. It might not always be easy and we can’t predict what will happen in the future, but together we are strong. We will fight for our right to live as we should be entitled to, as any other happy couple, no matter what it takes.

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