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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some definitions


Consanguinamory (con-sang-gwin-am-or-ree): "Incest" between consenting adults, or between consenting minors close in age; "consensual incest".

Polyamory (pah-lee-am-or-ree): The maintenance of multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of all involved; "ethical non-monogamy".

Full Marriage Equality: The legal recognition of marriages involving any number of consenting, full legal persons, of any race, religion, sex, class, genetic relation, or familial relation.

Genetic Sexual Attraction (G.S.A.): The experience of intense sexual and possibly romantic feelings for a close relative whom you have not had contact with during your childhood.


  1. Another interesting term that has been proposed is the term "neocest" (new chastity, as opposed to incest = unchaste) for a consensual, loving sexual relationship between for e.g. siblings.

    1. Yeah, that term was kind of floating around before Full Marriage Equality came up with "consanguinamory". One advantage of "consanguinamory" is that it sounds nothing like "incest", and unfortunately "neocest" still has that "-cest" root in there. Additionally, I just don't like all of these weird cultural hold-overs from pre-information age sexual mores. "Consanguinamory" is about love, but "neocest" is about chastity. Either way, even if "consanguinamory" is kind of long and clunky, at this point there's no going back: FME has made "consanguinamory" more widely recognizable than any alternative. This is the word we've got.