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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Burning Love Denied Equality

From Full Marriage Equality:
I am currently in an emotional, spiritual and sexual relationship with my genetic half-sibling. [...] Yes, we are going to get married. We can do it legally because legally we are not related. My birth certificate has different parents and I have a different last name.
[...] He is my father’s son from a brief relationship/marriage when he was 18 years old. My father left him and the relationship when he was an infant. I remember meeting him once when I was 12 but I did not understand who he was. I remember thinking how great he was and how gorgeous he was! He finally told me in the later years that I asked him to marry me twice, once when I was 7 and then when I was 12. When I was 20, he came into my life for the first time that a can truly recall vividly and our familial relationship was explained; that I had an older brother I did not know. So in my mind, we did not meet until I was 20 and I did not feel a brotherly love for him at all.
[...] It was an instant and overwhelming sexual attraction when I was 20. We tried to act the part for months but at one point it was too overwhelming and we kissed. I initiated the kiss. He was sitting on the couch and I just moved towards him and I kissed him. That did not feel wrong or gross. It felt like love. We soon started a sexual relationship which ended after about after six months when we decided to not see each other. The sex was amazing and loving, not like the sex I had prior to meeting him. I always felt guilty and punished myself emotionally for the shame I felt. I was so confused about my feelings and felt dirty and evil, especially in the religious and moral sense.
[...] We have been in a loving, committed, sexual relationship since reuniting two and a half years ago. It is funny that people we meet envy our relationship- the honesty, respect, love, trust and kindness we have for each other, but if they knew about our background, we would be judged and shunned. We laugh, hold hands, vacation, cook together, cry together, kiss each other good night and read in bed- just like every other married couple. From what I have witnessed of married couples in my circle of friends and family, our relationship is one of the best and strongest around. It does not feel kinky at all, it feels normal and natural. I find him extremely attractive and I have never enjoyed sex prior to him. He is my dream man in bed and out. Just a light passing touch from him can ignite passion in me. It would feel odd to be with someone else sexually. The romantic love is not raw, it is sensitive and loving (the only way I can think to describe it) I would say we are married spiritually and physically. He is everything I want in a man. I feel as if he is the lost side of my heart and soul and that we are complete when we are with each other. I miss him when I don’t hear his voice every day or feel his kiss on my lips or his breath on my neck at night when I sleep. He is my best friend and my lover, what more could anyone want?!
[...] His mother now remains our strongest support and I love her as my “soul” mother. To keep our privacy, when we move in together we will be living approximately three hours from where I was raised and where he currently lives. [...] I just wish we could be honest with everyone in our lives. I want to share my joy and happiness with the people I love. I am grateful for his mother and our friends that support us in all we do.
[...] I understand that many think what we are doing is wrong. At this point in my life, he makes me a better person. I am a Christian and he makes me want to be a better person. God is strong in our lives and I believe that we will be blessed as husband and wife, whether it be lawfully under God or under human law is irrelevant. Because I did not really meet him until I was older, the only memories I have are ones of him being my object of affection so if anyone would disapprove, I say to them that they need to worry about their own relationships, not mine. I am an adult and so is he. We have both had long-term relationships and we have chosen to be with each other after all these years. We are both attractive and fit adults and would definitely not have a problem getting dates, we just choose each other! I am here to say that I do and can consent and it would be devastating to lose him. I feel as if I deserve to be happy and so does he.
[...] In addition to getting married, we would like to have children in the future if we are blessed enough to get pregnant. We are lucky we are older and can make a home for ourselves and distance ourselves from negative influences and start our lives together.
[...] I thank God for him every night.  My experience with GSA has been an amazing journey but we would love to have a support group to discuss the trials and tribulations we experience. Thank you so much for your blog; it truly gave me the courage I needed to continue on with our relationship and realize that we were not alone.

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