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Monday, March 30, 2015

We Get Letters of Appreciation

At Full Marriage Equality:
I would really just like to thank you for the wonderful support you offer with your blog. The past few weeks I've been scrolling through it as often as possible, reading story upon story, interview upon interview of people just like [name redacted] and I. I find it very comforting. The fact that she is my aunt doesn't frighten me anymore.

I don't think I ever admitted it to her, but being related somewhat made me scared for myself before. Experiencing GSA, I think, is both a blessing and a curse in some ways. The reality I choose to focus on is that I have my love, [name redacted], and that we share a bond that is so wonderfully strong that neither of us can fully explain it to anyone who truly knows about us. That is what matters the most in my heart. We've given up too much for one another in order for this to work to consider anything else to be a reason not to love one another and be together.

However, in the back of my mind I feel sad sometimes knowing that I have to lie to my father if I want him to love me. I know he would disown me/do everything in his power to make this miserable for me/try to get us into trouble with the law if I told him. My relationship with my father hasn't ever been super strong, but we're finally on speaking terms and he's making an effort to show me he loves me. In some ways, I feel like I am betraying his trust because I am lying to him so often. I'm afraid to even tell him I am gay. The fact that I am in love with my half-aunt has to stay secret for the rest of my life. I feel sad in my heart that we can't share the amazing truth of our love for each other with our friends for fear that they will judge us without ever truly understanding.

Other than [name redacted], there aren't a lot of people I can trust and talk to openly about my feelings. You may be just a faceless name on the Internet, but reading your blog has helped me feel like maybe someday [she] and I will be allowed to freely and openly love one another without limitation or fear of judgment. Someday there will be no reason for the fears in my heart, because there will be no reason to fear. I hope that day comes soon. Someday I hope [she] and I can openly tell the world the story of our love and how beautiful it was: how we met, how we fell in love--how I loved her without even knowing it, and how she loved me before I knew she did--the hard times, the good times, and the reason all of the trouble was worth it in the end.

No one will ever love me or understand me the way she does. The level of trust we have for one another is immeasurable--if we ever lose the romance in our relationship, we both trust we can remain supportive and friendly and close, because we are related. She is my aunt. I will always love her no matter what happens to us. I can talk to her about anything in the world and I know that she will listen and she will trust me to listen to her.

I'm incredibly glad she found your blog all those years ago and became comfortable enough with her attraction to me to be patient enough to wait for me to realize I loved her back. If it hadn't been for you, I'm not sure she and I would be in the wonderful place we are now. Thank you.

Do not talk to the police

Consanguinamorous, polyamorous, and queer people can run into serious legal problems in certain countries. Full Marriage Equality has written some advice for consanguinamorous people, but it needs a serious addendum.

Never, ever, ever say anything to the authorities when you’re being questioned, unless you have a prior written promise of immunity. Remember, from the Miranda warning: “Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

The laws on self-incrimination are different from country to country, so if you're not in the US, look into your country's legal protections. It may save your life, and the lives of your family.

UPDATE: The laws on self-incrimination have changed since this video came out, and the lawyer in it has since released a book called "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent".

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why do I support consanguinamory?

An anonymous user on Tumblr asked:
I hope this doesn't sound weird and I'm sure you get asked all the time, but why are you for incestuous / consaguinamory relationships and marriages? Every example I've ever heard has come from a background of abuse, or perhaps neglect from parents to have exposure to the outside world. I want to understand though, I want to understand in what context you believe this is okay and not abusive, and why you believe that it should be fought for?
It’s not weird, but others get asked it more than me. Before, people would just unfollow me. It’s more unusual for someone to ask about it before passing judgment.

One of the things you should notice is that there isn’t any child abuse in any of the cases I’ve posted about, unless I’m taking someone to task for it. I hate the equation of “incest” (I hate how broadly we use that word) with familial child abuse, in the same way that I hate how homophobes equate all homosexuals with men who abuse young boys - and yes, they do make that equation. It seems that some of my followers can make this distinction, too.

You want to know why? Because when I see two consenting adults who’ve fallen in love and want to build a life together, I think it’s beautiful. And then I have to sit and watch as everyone around them tars and feathers them, beats and strangles them, shames them, throws them in jail, and puts them on the sex offender registry for life. People who’ve been abused speak out, because they hope they can find support from their friends. People in non-abusive relationships don’t speak out, because they know that their friends and family will try to hurt them. It’s actually far more common than you realize, and I come across more and more cases all the time.

I am tired of people killing themselves or getting murdered by their families. It sickens me when our society cares more about punishing non-conformity than helping the victims of real abuse. Our society is far too prurient. When people celebrate gay men getting married, no-one seems to get all that confused about the lack of equivalence with adult men sexually abusing young boys, but if the two are half-siblings, suddenly it gets extremely confusing for people. It’s totally legal to return to your home town after college and marry your old teacher, but if you have sex with a woman who never raised you, but who happened to have carried you for 9 months, suddenly you’re a sex offender. None of that sounds sane to me.

What you’re talking about is a major assumption, and it’s one that’s created by stereotypes perpetuated by our culture and the media. I never internalized those assumptions. Actually, I think such couples are sweet. It has also never stopped me from hating child abuse. I know and know of people who’ve been abused by family, and people who’ve had consensual sex with family. The two groups don’t negate each other, any more than a priest having a romantic relationship with another man negates those boys who’ve been victimized by priests.

Besides, I hope you realize that a majority of all long-term sexual relationships between blood-relatives are among reunited relatives. It’s called genetic sexual attraction. Literally every human being is capable of it, because our instincts evolved in a context in which 99.9% of children were raised by their biological parent, with their biological siblings. If you ever find yourself meeting a long lost half-sibling, you might find your feelings changing rather quickly.

And what about cousin couples? They’re not even considered biologically “incestuous”, and we have no natural instincts to prevent attraction to cousins. Most cultures now don’t consider even 1st-cousins to be “incestuous”. Hell, double 1st-cousins are allowed to marry under all Abrahamic religions, even though double 1st-cousins are as genetically related as half-siblings. Double 1st-cousin marriage is also allowed in half the US, and in a majority of countries. I mean, Islam allows it, and Islam is way stricter about consanguinamory than Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. The Torah doesn’t even specify a uniform punishment for all types - siblings who’ve had sex are merely banished. (Also, the Torah allows for uncles and nieces to marry. Remember that the next time someone tells you that cousin marriage is “against God” or whatever.)

It’s not like the laws are universal, anyway. What’s considered “incest” in any given culture has changed drastically over time. Now Iranians live under Twelver Shi’i shari’ah law (mostly), but in ancient times marriages to close relatives were venerated as holier than exogamous marriages. Exposure to Islam and Hinduism has changed modern Zoroastrianism to forbid such marriages, but 1st-cousin marriages are still preferred among the Parsis. Before the Romans actively tried to eliminate the practice, sibling marriage was preferred among the Egyptians, and as much as a fifth of all marriages were between siblings. The Romans even used the threat of violence to eliminate the practice from their Kurdish Zoroastrian provinces. Western imperialists and Christian missionaries later went around the world and tried their best to eliminate similar practices among those cultures which had them.

That was, of course, under systems of arranged marriage (though not all the marriages were necessarily arranged, or unwanted by the participants). The point is, the prohibition is pretty damn arbitrary, and always has been. Such couples have existed since the dawn of humanity, and in most cultures they’ve been hunted down and tortured to death for no other reason than people thought it was “unnatural” and a “bad omen”. Why should nice people, who aren’t even that unusual, be hunted down like rabid dogs and thrown away for life? Why should their children be ripped from them and placed in foster homes where they are actually more likely to be sexually abused? Why should society waste its time and resources suppressing something that doesn’t need to be suppressed, to protect nobody, and destroy families that would otherwise contribute positively to society?

Many countries allow consanguineous sex, anyway. Last time I checked, Brazil’s problems weren’t because they allow consensual adults to have sex, or because they allow half-siblings to marry. France and Japan don’t seem to be falling into ruin. Australia and England get by while allowing 1st-cousins to marry. I have yet to see anyone claim that France is a cesspool of child rape. Historically, “incest” laws were not created with child welfare in mind, and other laws exist to protect child welfare already. The bigger problem is how effectively those laws are enforced, and whether they need to be enforced frequently, both of which are cultural problems related to the way societies view children and authority figures. I respect children and don’t blindly accept something from someone with power. I think that’s more important for preventing the abuse of children than outlawing consanguinamory.

I can’t possibly reproduce all of my arguments for you here. It would be very, very long. I haven’t even gotten to the psychology of itnor even the biology of it. Read this; it will help you understand. Maybe read an account or twoWatch a movie or two or three. There are still plenty of things I haven’t linked to here, regardless. Similar couples are everywhere, floating around the internet. These are all just the ones that bother to publicize themselves. Remember that.

Don’t feel bad for asking. At least you care enough to ask.

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Two Women Still Denied Their Right to Marry

From Full Marriage Equality:
"Bean": I am a female artist in my mid-20s, who grew up in the conservative west. [...] I am a bisexual, or perhaps more accurately, a lesbian with some heterosexual tendencies. I am a woman with a fair balance of masculine and feminine tendencies; some days I’m very feminine, other days I’m just one of the guys.

[...] I had a fairly unique upbringing. There were aspects of my childhood that were typical of most, but the biggest difference was that I was a secret for the larger portion of my childhood. This had several effects on my life. I was the result of an affair my father had with my mother (he was cheating on the mother of my sister, and one of my brothers). Rather than come clean, my father and mother both decided that the best solution at the time was to raise me in secret and separately from my siblings. He would come to see me now and then, but only under certain circumstances. No one from the family even knew of my existence until I was about 10-12 years old, but I knew about them from a very young age.  It’s one thing having secrets. It’s a completely different ballgame to be a secret yourself. [...]

"Tortilla": Bean is my half-sister, but I don’t call her that. I call her my sister. Half is good enough to be full! [...] I am ten years older than Bean. I actually went to law school, so it’s ironic to me to be a lawyer who is breaking the law with her relationship. [...] I am not married, but I am in a nine-year long relationship with my boyfriend in addition to my newer relationship with my sister. My boyfriend and I never planned to marry, and marriage has always been something that is not important for me personally. But I think people who are consenting adults who love each other should be able to declare their family unit legally.

[...] I am bisexual, and have realized that since high school, although I have memories going back to kindergarten of being attracted to girls in addition to boys. I believe more in spectrum sexuality than categorical sexuality, and my sense is that most people are somewhere in the middle rather than exactly at either end of the spectrum. [...] I also see the masculine and feminine as a spectrum, and I’d put myself somewhere in the middle of that spectrum as well. [...] I definitely consider myself a woman, but I often identify with gender norms of men more often than women. As for relationship orientation, I consider myself monogamous as my natural inclination. However, I cannot avoid the reality that I have two partners: my boyfriend and my sister. So I am acting in a polyamorous relationship, although I identify as monogamous.

[...] [W]hen Bean turned 18 or 19, I started to think more about her and wondered about where she was in life and what she was like. I decided to write her a letter letting her know that I wanted to get to know my sister, and that there were no personal hard feelings against her for what our dad had done. I invited her to reach out when she felt ready to do so. [...]

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Film: "How I Live Now"

My blog doesn't usually focus on cousin couples, but I can't help but recommend this movie. It's from the same director and the same writer who did "The Last King of Scotland". It's about an OCD American girl sent off by her father to live with her aunt and cousins in England. She falls in love with her oldest cousin... and then a nuclear bomb goes off. It's like a teen romance version of "The Road". I have never seen a movie which makes England look as beautiful as this movie does. I really, really like this movie.

Edit: I'd just like to point out that if this were a case of reunited half-siblings, nothing would actually be different about the story, except that the main character would be possibly even more reluctant to start her relationship. What if instead of her cousins, they were her half-siblings by the same mother, and her father got her in the divorce and took her to the US. What about the story would actually change? You wouldn't even expect the others to react any differently, because they're young and extremely bohemian, and would probably still take it in stride. The film would just lose a little bit of the moments concerning her mother, and so she'd lose a little bit of her driving back story. Her relationship with her mother is only briefly talked about, however, and she never got to know her mother well. So not that much, really.

"Woman admits to becoming pregnant by her brother after being threatened with a machete"

Another case of oppression from Nigeria:
A young woman confessed that she was in love with her brother and that she is carrying his baby. 24-year-old Akpan and 25-year-old Ime, who are siblings, went a little too far by having unprotected sex with each other, police in Nigeria said. The incident occurred in Ajegunle State, where the family lives. During the day, the two were usually home alone as their parents and other siblings went out to work on the farm.

When Ime’s mother suspected that she was pregnant, she asked her daughter to identify the father of the unborn child, but she refused. Last Friday, at 4:00 a.m., the father woke up his wife and two children, and began talking about Ime’s pregnancy. Suddenly, the father pulled out a machete and threatened to cut his daughter if she did not tell him who the father of the child is. Fearing for her life, Ime admitted to being in love with her brother, and that they regularly have sex.

Police were notified, and the two were arrested and charged with incest.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

When Incest is a Consensual, Positive Experience

From Full Marriage Equality:
If you could go back in time to where it all started and have the knowledge you do now about what lay ahead of you in this thing called incest, would you still go through with it??

I've thought about it many times, and the answer i come up is yes i would, sure there are many tears and hard times you go through, but for me the good has always outweighed the bad, life is what you make of it, and we've made a very good life for ourselves....

In spite of all the difficulties, I'd do it all the same way. This kind of love is so much deeper and comfortable and intense than anything I've experienced with other people. It's just that worth it, in my opinion.

If I could go back in time, knowing what I now know, I would have gladly lost my virginity to uncle. [FYI, her uncle is only a year older than her.] We had the opportunity when I was 16 and I bottled it and I do regret that. I feel I have wasted too many years worrying about possible consequences and I'm kicking myself! I'm just enjoying making up for lost time with my darling. We can't meet up very often so every second is precious with him but we email every day and telephone every week. He truly makes my heart leap for joy.

If I could go back to that time, knowing what I know now, I would not have been so concerned about the rest of the world. Not so worried about what they would think or say or do. I would have more trust in my love and my own feelings. We wasted so many years of our life, stuck, not being together and longing for each other. We were not following our hearts. Now, being without her would be the most horrible form of hell I can imagine.

It's not always fun and games, but I've never regretted it. We've had a lot of good times together and I look forward to many, many more special memories.It's great to be with someone who I can experience that deep emotional connection with. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Incest? Or Is It Something Else?"

This is an excellent piece. I'm glad that I could have such a positive impact on changing someone's world view. That is, after all, the point of this blog.
“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and stay in Wonderland, and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
-Morpheus, The Matrix
Perfect metaphor for where this article is going to go. If you want to swallow the blue pill and keep on with your same views of Norma and Norman Bates, now’s the time to do it. Go ahead. Take the blue pill. Otherwise, we’ll be venturing into the underground and exploring a taboo that runs under the surface of things in this series. We’ll be getting up close and intimate with it. I can’t and don’t want to resist taking the red pill when it comes to topics like this. I want to put them under a magnifying glass. Last chance.

GSA Sparks an Intense Love

From Full Marriage Equality:

[...] I am currently legally married. We have lived separate lives and have not had intimacy in over five. We have separate rooms, etc. It’s a platonic co-parenting situation with the father of my two daughters [preteen/early teen]. I consider myself bisexual although I'm not a fan of labels.

[...] I had zero idea he ever existed until I was told at age thirty-nine. I was lied to my whole life by my mother who told me my my custodial dad was my biological dad, who committed suicide when I was eleven. My mom died in 2008 and never uttered a word about my biological father and two half-brothers. My childhood was very strange due to both parents being mentally ill. All my life I questioned and just "felt" my dad was not biological dad.
[...] The sexual attraction was instant for both of us. The night after I found out he was my brother I started looking at photos of him. I found myself becoming sexually aroused and was up all night with very confusing thoughts. The next day we talked and he also reported feeling similar feelings. We met physically on that Monday and within an hour of meeting we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. That night we did everything but full sex due to his feelings of being uncomfortable. I absolutely would have done it that night.
[...] After leaving my wife, I moved from the west side of the state to the east side to be close to my sister.  I currently have roommates and am pleased with my location and the freedom for my sister and I to enjoy my environment stress-free. My roommates have no idea that we are related and have not questioned the fact that we look like each other.

[...] I would describe my sexual orientation as heterosexual but bi-curious. I have acted on the latter but it’s definitely not for me. I would consider myself highly open-minded however.

[...] I first saw a photo of my sister after my Dad passed away and I was informed of her. I found her on Facebook. I was told not to contact her and so I abided by the family’s wishes. Her picture was amazing, I could see that she looked like me and sensed that we would be a lot alike. What I saw though was my little sister and I had no sexual undertones at all at seeing her picture initially.

Interestingly, as I mourned my Dad, I had a tremendous amount of joy learning of my sister, who I then had to mourn because I couldn’t contact her. Eventually, however, I was told that outside contact was made with her and basically the ok was given to meet her. We contacted via Facebook and, later that evening, by phone. [...] A couple days later, I volunteered that I was having strange feelings and she stopped me mid-sentence and told me she knew exactly what I was going to say and that she was feeling the same.

[...] Obviously, I knew the [...] stereotypes of incestuous back-wood hicks. I never knew such perfect love was possible. [...] My opinion about family members who engage in this is similar to yours. You can’t help who you fall in love with. I didn’t look for this; it looked for me! It landed right in my lap, thank God!  Exactly when I needed it, too!

[...] My role in this relationship is as follows: Brother, Lover, Boyfriend, surrogate Father (I have to show her who my Dad was) and absolute Best Friend. In the future it will be Husband. Our birth certificates show different Fathers. All of these roles are wrapped into one. Frankly, I don’t give a f--- what the government thinks because they’re ignorant and always have been. We have been together for two months and it feels like forty years…in a good way.  I see us both as family and lovers.

[...] Not one person in my life knows the full true nature. I use an allegory of a cliff. I can take a few to the edge of the cliff, letting them know that I’m attracted to her but denying any sort of sexual activity, but I will not go over the edge with them.  I prefer it that way with my family and friends. The ones that I have told have an understanding of it and one even gave us a safe place to spend time with each other in the beginning. Despite being male-female versions of each other, we act as a couple in public unless there is a chance that we may run into people we know. We realized that people will not be scrutinizing us because they are concerned with their own lives. In addition, if they did comment, it’s a known fact that people tend to date those that look familiar. We can also prove that we have different fathers on the birth certificate if it were ever to be pressed by others who doubt.

[...] I think of her best friend, despite knowing the GSA information and actually letting us know about it, is vehemently opposed to our relationship. She has said the most evil, vile and disgusting things about me without ever meeting me. I just refer to her and people like her as Plebians. They are ignorant scum and have no idea what this experience feels like. On the other hand there are those within her circle who can accept and intellectualize what is happening.

[...] I have no doubt that we are going to get married whether or not it is legal.  F--- them!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A brilliant exchange about the "naturalness" of polyamory vs. monogamy

This so thoroughly exemplifies my thinking that there's nothing I can really add.

I believe very few animals have faithful lifelong monogamous relationships. I believe there’s probably some evolutionary basis for non-monogamy. I also think social customs are natural, and our social customs lean towards monogamy. But I also don’t think we should unquestioningly participate in social customs. And I don’t think something being natural makes it good, better, or right. Mostly I just think this is totally the wrong question to ask. Or at least it doesn’t mean anything about how humans should act. And if we were going to look at how relationships used to work as a model for how relationships should work now, I think we’d really have to recognize the huge ways that contemporary monogamous and non-monogamous relationships are both really new inventions and kind of incredibly similar.
As I usually point out, what is “natural” is an interesting idea, but considering we’re using high tech electronics and communications to discuss this, clearly things that aren’t natural can be fine to enjoy. I’m polyamorous, but I also support people who want monogamy or no relationship at all.
We can’t look at the reproductive strategies of other species. We really can’t. Many birds, for example, are more monogamous than humans. Geese and albatrosses do not mate again if their first mate died. Ironically, the incidence of constitutional homosexuality is higher in extremely monogamous birds than in other animals. Female house cats, on the other hand? Sluts. A female house cat, left to herself, will have as much sex as possible with as many different males as she can catch while in heat. Unless humans intervene, it’s normal for the kittens in a littler to have two or three different fathers between them.
These are reproductive strategies. They have nothing to do with morality and nothing to do with the complex issues surrounding human sexuality. The thing is that as sentient beings we can change our strategies for survival culturally. This includes our reproductive strategies. We tend, as a species, to lean towards semi-monogamous pairings. But we will cheerfully switch to polygamy or polyandry if those prove to be better reproductive strategies. There are tribes in Tibet that practice polyandry as a way of keeping the population down - only some females get to breed, the rest get to be nuns. They live in a very marginal habitat for homo sapiens and just can’t afford to produce many children. Meanwhile, the Mormons practiced polygamy on the frontier because it was dangerous - so they protected the fertile females - so they ended up with more women than men. Reproductive strategies.
In a high tech society that does not favor one strategy over another, the individual variances that lead to these strategies start to be highlighted. Polyamory is not favored over monogamy, so we see different individuals practicing both, and each is doing what is perfectly natural for them.

"Four partners, one love: It's polyamory "

CNNMoney did a piece on polyamory:
Imagine being in a serious relationship with your husband, a boyfriend, a girlfriend and dating around on the side -- that's polyamory. It's not new, but is infiltrating tech culture.
The anthropologist they consult is surprisingly ignorant on the subject. Has it never occurred to her that people feel obligated to construct monogamous relationships only, and thus hiding and cheating become common? And what does she count as failure? Most monogamous couples break up, but that never becomes a sign that monogamy itself was the problem. If you have multiple partners, just by probability you're more likely to experience at least one breakup: there are more people to break up with! But polyamorous relationships usually don't explode the way monogamous ones do, because the participants (if they're doing it right) have already established open lines of communication.

"Ask a Polyamorous Person"

I don't entirely agree with the definition of polygamy here. It's true that it's a legal term, but the fact that most people who officially adopt it are religious polygynists is a cultural fluke. The fact is, if you're a poly woman living with two guys, one is your legal husband, and you've had a non-legal marriage ceremony with the other guy, and you all live together, y'all are as polygamous as any Fundamentalist Mormon.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Zimbabwean Girl and Guy Sent to Jail

An unfortunate case from Zimbabwe:
A 19-year-old teenager in Zvishavane, Zimbabwe, has been arrested and convicted for impregnating his 16-year-old younger sister. The sister was also given a jail term after it was established that the two siblings were committing incest.
According to court reports, Knowledge Mavhika, 19, proposed to make love to his 16-year-old sister and she accepted. The two were involved in a relationship and slept together several times before the girl became pregnant. Her grandmother Rumbidzai Ganyani, demanded to know who the father was. She was shocked to learn that her own grandson was responsible. The grandmother took the matter to the police and the girl was taken to a hospital for a medical examination. The two were arrested.
Mavhika was sentenced to 12 months in prison six of which were suspended for five years on condition that he does not commit a similar offense. The other six months were suspended on condition he performs 210 hours of community service. The girl was sentenced to five months in prison, which was suspended for three years on condition that she does not commit a similar offense.
Just to point out, the age of consent in Zimbabwe is 16, and they would be legal regardless under Romeo laws like those in New York.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A happy poly family is blessed with two children

A great interview with a beautiful polyamorous family:

Jonathan, Dani, and Melinda are a polyamorous family, which means that they all believe in having more than one partner. The trio and their two children all live under the same roof, with all three parents sharing every aspect of parenthood, from nighttime feeds to diaper changes.
'It might seem strange to a lot of people, but to us it makes perfect sense,' Melinda, 28, who runs her own healing company, East-West Collaborative Health, told Daily Mail Online. 'We all love each other and it was our dream to fall pregnant at the same time. Unlike conventional couples who are sleep deprived when a newborn comes along, there are three of us to take it in turns on the night shift. We breastfeed each others babies, split the finances three ways and the housework too. Even sex is great as if one person is not feeling up for it, then there are two other people to choose from.'

Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Woman in Incest Case now in Jail"

The unfortunate saga continues:
A woman accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with her father is in custody after an arrest warrant was issued last week. Chalena Mae Moody, 25, had not appeared for her scheduled court date on Feb. 25 to face a felony charge of incest, after it was discovered by Springfield police late last year that she and her father had been involved in a relationship that resulted in two children.

The couple previously lived in Springfield but moved to Klamath Falls last year. Moody was booked into the Lane County Jail just after 3 p.m. Wednesday on the incest charge. She also was booked on two Lincoln County warrants alleging harassment and reckless endangerment. It was unclear whether Moody turned herself in Wednesday or was caught by police.
Meanwhile, Moody’s father, Eric Gates, 49, on Monday was sentenced to six months in jail for ignoring a Lane County Circuit Court judge’s previous order to avoid all contact with Moody. Gates, who pleaded guilty to incest, was initially sentenced to probation but was discovered last month by his probation officer to be living with Moody.
I agree that it's unfortunate the children have some developmental problems, but how can further complicating their lives, and denying them a household with their own two parents, actually be the best thing for them?

Even if a democratic state did have a legitimate interest in controlling people's reproduction, the father's come forward with his willingness to get a vasectomy. The only problem is clearly that the judge does not want them having sex or even living with each other. What kind of unjustified prurience is that?

What a disgrace. Just give them back their children, let him get his vasectomy, and let them be. There's no legitimate reason for any other course of action.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

An indiscreet, but lucky couple

Full Marriage Equality tipped me off to this:
A friend and his sister had too close of a relationship for a brother and sister so we all thought. In our circle of close friends thought they were a little weird together. Their body language showed so much attraction to each other it was a little obvious something weird was going on between them. He had a girlfriend who apparently cheated on him and gave him an STD. It was a very short time later his sister had the same STD and he dumped his girlfriend. It really raised eyebrows among us but we kept our suspicion quiet between us.
Then came the day we all went camping, he had an old hippie van he used as a camper. With him and his sister in there alone, it was early in the morning the sun was up it was a beautiful day. My girlfriend were sitting at the picnic table making coffee with another couple who were married. That hippie van started rocking and squeaking, then it stopped and now she was moaning loud. We were laughing as quietly as we could in disbelief of what we thought was happening in there right in front of us, guess they thought we were all still asleep. The married girl from the other couple went over and took a quick peek in the back uncovered window, she quietly came back and said he was giving her oral sex. Even though we kind of knew, now we really knew they were in fact going at it together.
We never said a word to them about it but keeping a strait face could be difficult. Funnier is he and his sister bought a house together and live together in another state. We're all willing to bet they pretend to be married but we don't know that for sure. We do know that they have had a long incestual relationship for a fact.
Occasionally, a couple isn't all that afraid, and can be as indiscreet as any normal couple might be. (It's rare. Most of the one's who are that blatant get arrested, from what I've seen.) I'm glad their friends were actual friends and didn't get them in trouble.

The comments give a brief moment of whiplash:
I have a sister I would like to do that with and live happily ever after :) Do they have kids now? what do their parents say?
Not surprising. I would bet that a majority of people who experience such attractions never act on them.
This is either a b******* post or theres some mighty sick people who do this. I'd report them.
What a true friend he must be.