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Monday, February 2, 2015

Film: "From Beginning to End"

This is the trailer for From Beginning to End (a.k.a. Do Começo ao Fim), a Brazilian movie about two half-brothers who fall in love the moment they set eyes on each other. (FYI, there's a brief NSFW shot in the trailer.) The movie is about their family, and the maturation of their relationship. Not only is it a great depiction of a gay relationship, but it is the single most positive depiction of consanguinamory I have ever seen. Period. The parents are wary, but ultimately accepting, and at no point does anyone try to shame them or break them up. There is no character, family-member, friend, or acquaintance, who is not a source of support. This is what I want our culture to look like. The film is not about bigotry, it's about their love, and how its strength is both a blessing and a curse which they have to manage. It's about the choices we make in our lives. It's amazing. This is my third attempt to highlight positive examples of same-sex consanguinamory in media. You can watch the film here.

Edit: I do admit, this is a really sappy film in many ways. But that's the point. It's the Kate and Leopold of consanguinamory. Out of all the films I've written about on my blog, How I Live Now is my favorite, and the only one I would recommend to someone who doesn't care about consanguinamory. It's by far the most entertaining. However, it is also the movie in which consanguinamory plays the smallest role. I have different standards for stories about consanguinamory, because there are so few depictions, and most of the depictions are awful and deal in stereotypes. From Beginning to End is cheesy, but it's the single most positive portrayal of consanguinamory in existence, at the moment, and so it has a special place.

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