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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Film: "How I Live Now"

My blog doesn't usually focus on cousin couples, but I can't help but recommend this movie. It's from the same director and the same writer who did "The Last King of Scotland". It's about an OCD American girl sent off by her father to live with her aunt and cousins in England. She falls in love with her oldest cousin... and then a nuclear bomb goes off. It's like a teen romance version of "The Road". I have never seen a movie which makes England look as beautiful as this movie does. I really, really like this movie.

Edit: I'd just like to point out that if this were a case of reunited half-siblings, nothing would actually be different about the story, except that the main character would be possibly even more reluctant to start her relationship. What if instead of her cousins, they were her half-siblings by the same mother, and her father got her in the divorce and took her to the US. What about the story would actually change? You wouldn't even expect the others to react any differently, because they're young and extremely bohemian, and would probably still take it in stride. The film would just lose a little bit of the moments concerning her mother, and so she'd lose a little bit of her driving back story. Her relationship with her mother is only briefly talked about, however, and she never got to know her mother well. So not that much, really.

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