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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Increasing acceptance for polyamory and polygamy

First, among green party members in New Zealand, acceptance of polygamy is fairly high, and increasing among younger voters.
Voters at the upcoming election this year could be forgiven for wondering with a new poll discovering one in four Green voters wants a law change to support polygamy. The poll, undertaken by David Farrar’s Curia Research, surveyed 1022 people on their attitudes to redefining marriage to include multiple wives or husbands…and found support for the idea was strongest – at 25% – among Green voters. Overall, national support for polygamy is running at 10% in New Zealand and growing rapidly among the under 30s, where 16% of respondents support the idea.
Then, in the US, the acceptability of polygamy has been increasing, to an average of 14% of respondents in 2014.
Additionally, a few widely condemned actions, such as polygamy, have become slightly less taboo. Five percent of Americans viewed polygamy as morally acceptable in 2006, but that is now at 14%. The rise could be attributed to polygamist families being the subject of television shows — with the HBO TV show “Big Love” one example — thus removing some of the stigma.
Acceptbility poll results by party affiliation
 This bodes well for the long-run future of non-monogamous marriage in the West.

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