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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Film: "The Unspeakable Act"

One of the funny things about being in love with your brother is that you can say almost anything you want about him, to anyone you want, because no-one wants to go there. People will bend over backwards to put the blandest possible interpretation on whatever you say.
- The Unspeakable Act

One of the most hipster movies I've ever seen, but dryly funny. Also, a pretty good psychological character study, except for the whole "it's an expression of narcissism" implication. (Watch it here.)


  1. The thing I noticed first about the main character is that she's likable even at the same time she's visibly in so much emotional pain over these feelings for her brother--and sometimes acts out at other family members because of that angst. Which could only be expected. The line I found the most dryly funny: "The unmentionable act that gets mentioned a lot."

    1. Oh, it's full of great lines like that. I really like this movie. (I also know a guy who looks and sounds almost exactly like her brother, which adds and extra level of amusement for me.) I found the in-depth portrayal of her thinking and feelings surprisingly realistic and empathetic, when I first watched it. I also appreciate that her family isn't any more dysfunctional than the average American family.