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Saturday, March 7, 2015

An indiscreet, but lucky couple

Full Marriage Equality tipped me off to this:
A friend and his sister had too close of a relationship for a brother and sister so we all thought. In our circle of close friends thought they were a little weird together. Their body language showed so much attraction to each other it was a little obvious something weird was going on between them. He had a girlfriend who apparently cheated on him and gave him an STD. It was a very short time later his sister had the same STD and he dumped his girlfriend. It really raised eyebrows among us but we kept our suspicion quiet between us.
Then came the day we all went camping, he had an old hippie van he used as a camper. With him and his sister in there alone, it was early in the morning the sun was up it was a beautiful day. My girlfriend were sitting at the picnic table making coffee with another couple who were married. That hippie van started rocking and squeaking, then it stopped and now she was moaning loud. We were laughing as quietly as we could in disbelief of what we thought was happening in there right in front of us, guess they thought we were all still asleep. The married girl from the other couple went over and took a quick peek in the back uncovered window, she quietly came back and said he was giving her oral sex. Even though we kind of knew, now we really knew they were in fact going at it together.
We never said a word to them about it but keeping a strait face could be difficult. Funnier is he and his sister bought a house together and live together in another state. We're all willing to bet they pretend to be married but we don't know that for sure. We do know that they have had a long incestual relationship for a fact.
Occasionally, a couple isn't all that afraid, and can be as indiscreet as any normal couple might be. (It's rare. Most of the one's who are that blatant get arrested, from what I've seen.) I'm glad their friends were actual friends and didn't get them in trouble.

The comments give a brief moment of whiplash:
I have a sister I would like to do that with and live happily ever after :) Do they have kids now? what do their parents say?
Not surprising. I would bet that a majority of people who experience such attractions never act on them.
This is either a b******* post or theres some mighty sick people who do this. I'd report them.
What a true friend he must be.

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