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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GSA Sparks an Intense Love

From Full Marriage Equality:

[...] I am currently legally married. We have lived separate lives and have not had intimacy in over five. We have separate rooms, etc. It’s a platonic co-parenting situation with the father of my two daughters [preteen/early teen]. I consider myself bisexual although I'm not a fan of labels.

[...] I had zero idea he ever existed until I was told at age thirty-nine. I was lied to my whole life by my mother who told me my my custodial dad was my biological dad, who committed suicide when I was eleven. My mom died in 2008 and never uttered a word about my biological father and two half-brothers. My childhood was very strange due to both parents being mentally ill. All my life I questioned and just "felt" my dad was not biological dad.
[...] The sexual attraction was instant for both of us. The night after I found out he was my brother I started looking at photos of him. I found myself becoming sexually aroused and was up all night with very confusing thoughts. The next day we talked and he also reported feeling similar feelings. We met physically on that Monday and within an hour of meeting we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. That night we did everything but full sex due to his feelings of being uncomfortable. I absolutely would have done it that night.
[...] After leaving my wife, I moved from the west side of the state to the east side to be close to my sister.  I currently have roommates and am pleased with my location and the freedom for my sister and I to enjoy my environment stress-free. My roommates have no idea that we are related and have not questioned the fact that we look like each other.

[...] I would describe my sexual orientation as heterosexual but bi-curious. I have acted on the latter but it’s definitely not for me. I would consider myself highly open-minded however.

[...] I first saw a photo of my sister after my Dad passed away and I was informed of her. I found her on Facebook. I was told not to contact her and so I abided by the family’s wishes. Her picture was amazing, I could see that she looked like me and sensed that we would be a lot alike. What I saw though was my little sister and I had no sexual undertones at all at seeing her picture initially.

Interestingly, as I mourned my Dad, I had a tremendous amount of joy learning of my sister, who I then had to mourn because I couldn’t contact her. Eventually, however, I was told that outside contact was made with her and basically the ok was given to meet her. We contacted via Facebook and, later that evening, by phone. [...] A couple days later, I volunteered that I was having strange feelings and she stopped me mid-sentence and told me she knew exactly what I was going to say and that she was feeling the same.

[...] Obviously, I knew the [...] stereotypes of incestuous back-wood hicks. I never knew such perfect love was possible. [...] My opinion about family members who engage in this is similar to yours. You can’t help who you fall in love with. I didn’t look for this; it looked for me! It landed right in my lap, thank God!  Exactly when I needed it, too!

[...] My role in this relationship is as follows: Brother, Lover, Boyfriend, surrogate Father (I have to show her who my Dad was) and absolute Best Friend. In the future it will be Husband. Our birth certificates show different Fathers. All of these roles are wrapped into one. Frankly, I don’t give a f--- what the government thinks because they’re ignorant and always have been. We have been together for two months and it feels like forty years…in a good way.  I see us both as family and lovers.

[...] Not one person in my life knows the full true nature. I use an allegory of a cliff. I can take a few to the edge of the cliff, letting them know that I’m attracted to her but denying any sort of sexual activity, but I will not go over the edge with them.  I prefer it that way with my family and friends. The ones that I have told have an understanding of it and one even gave us a safe place to spend time with each other in the beginning. Despite being male-female versions of each other, we act as a couple in public unless there is a chance that we may run into people we know. We realized that people will not be scrutinizing us because they are concerned with their own lives. In addition, if they did comment, it’s a known fact that people tend to date those that look familiar. We can also prove that we have different fathers on the birth certificate if it were ever to be pressed by others who doubt.

[...] I think of her best friend, despite knowing the GSA information and actually letting us know about it, is vehemently opposed to our relationship. She has said the most evil, vile and disgusting things about me without ever meeting me. I just refer to her and people like her as Plebians. They are ignorant scum and have no idea what this experience feels like. On the other hand there are those within her circle who can accept and intellectualize what is happening.

[...] I have no doubt that we are going to get married whether or not it is legal.  F--- them!

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