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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bigotry murders

Or attempts to, anyway. Frequently, bigotry kills by convincing the oppressed to kill themselves, but sometimes it leads to more direct methods:
In an incident with the twists and turns of an Agatha Christie whodunit, a 30-year-old man was killed by professional assassins allegedly hired by him to eliminate his own sister.
Police said that the victim, identified as Samar Das, had hired the gang of four killers to murder his sister Namita Das (35) who he thought had brought disgrace to the family by allegedly entering into an incestuous relationship with their elder brother, 41-year-old Abhimanyu Das (41).
[...] The genesis of the story goes back several years when the eldest brother Abhimanyu arrived in Angul from Kendrapada district in search of livelihood. Subsequently, he called over his sister and brother - Namita and Samar - and helped them engage in private jobs in Angul.
Though married, Abhimanyu allegedly developed an incestuous relationship with Namita that led to friction in the family. After she gave birth to Abhimanyu’s child recently, he kept her in a separate accommodation where they lived like husband and wife.
Samar, who by now owned an auto repairing shop in Angul, hired the four criminals for Rs. 3 lakh to murder his sister as he believed she had brought disgrace to the family by allegedly continuing an incestuous relationship with her own brother.
[...] Police quoted the arrested criminals as confessing that they had tried to kill Namita thrice but failed each time. Fed up with pressure from Samar to execute the job and not wanting to lose the contract amount, the foursome changed their plan.

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