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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two women still denied their right to marry

From Full Marriage Equality:
I'm a sous chef at a restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia, and my hobbies include swimming, dancing, going to the movies with sis and walks on the beach. I only have the one sibling, my sister, who lives with me. I've had other girlfriends, but I'm happy being with sis.
I got out of high school with my diploma, and I had always had a passion for cooking, so I expanded on that. I went to community college and went through the culinary program, which I passed with flying colors.
[...] [I am a lesbian], as is my sister. [...] If we could get married, we would.
[...] We did grow up together, but my sis went in the military when she turned 18. We reconnected when she got out. [...] Sex started after a couple of months of us being together, and it came about with us just talking about it one night. When we first got together as a couple, I could see us being intimate. She made the first move, asking me about my favorite positions. [...] [It was] a wonderfully warm, tender moment when we first mated. I felt like I was making love, and not just having sex.
[...] We have been living together just over a year now. She lives with me at my house. We do see each other as siblings and lovers, girlfriends and partners. We don’t do affairs, we are loyal to each other. While we would like to be married, we will settle for the commitment ceremony.
[...] Our parents know. They found out because they saw her engagement ring, and noticed that mine matched, and they asked us. We just told them straight up when they asked. We do act like a couple in public, everywhere we go.
[...] The main thing we've done to hide it is just not tell anyone. I don't think that other than legal issues there are any disadvantages. As far as an advantage goes, at least in the case of my sis and I, we already knew each other very well and we already loved each other as sisters. [...] My sis and me plan to do a commitment ceremony. [...] Our parents told us that they had family relations when they found out my sister and I were together.

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