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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A personal story of two sisters from Kindred Spirits

My [identical] twin sister and I have been inseparable our entire lives. Our parents bought a house shortly after we were born, but one ended up as a guest room because we refused to sleep in separate beds even when we got older.

Anyway, after some bad dating experiences, I began to develop an intense attraction to my sister. She knew me better than anybody else possibly could. When we moved out of the house, we rented a duplex together since we still wanted to remain close. After a few months, she began joking around that we were living like a married couple. I finally confessed my feelings to her (a few glasses of wine helped) and she started crying (wine might have helped that, too) and told me she felt the same way.

We felt ashamed and "immoral" for a long time and in that instance it all melted away. It was the biggest relief I have ever felt. Today we live together as if we were married, but nobody knows of our relationship...not even our parents. Our lifelong bond hides it, I guess, and that's good since I'm not sure I want my family to know.

We're glad to have found that there are many others like us!
For anyone else who's in a relationship with a relative or family member, or who's dealing with sexual or romantic attractions towards one, the Kindred Spirits forum is a safe space. The rules are simple, but strictly enforced. Click on "Rechercher" to sign up, and "Connexion" to log in.

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